Owner and Creative Director of Premier Management Agency  Felecia Foster started the Company  because she is passionate about seeing  independent artists and small businesses make their business brand visible at an affordable cost.  The goal of Premier is to provide quality brand management and visual imagery to the world.

Premier’s personal goal is to work with each of its clients to formulate a branding strategy that is specific and unique to their  needs.  This is done by either creating or updating an existent marketing strategy or starting from scratch.  We have worked with a number of local artists, small businesses and individual online groups to build their brand, by managing their bookings, creating contracts, starting. hiring employees, managing engagements, creating social media presence, styling clients for editorial photo shoots, traveling and offering personal assistance services,  creating sellable products, consulting with them to start their brand, creating a business plan as a start.  We partner with our clients to bring their ideas and  business dreams to life.

PREMIER is not limited to artists.  In fact, we work with anyone starting a new business or anyone with the desire to gain visibility for their brand.  If you have an idea with no idea where to start, we can help! Premier helps clients to birth ideas on a budget. We specialize in structuring and upgrading a company’s image and packaging it and presenting it to the world creatively.  (See Book Premier for a one time consulting fee).

We are not just a branding company, we are business strategists! PREMIER specializes in creating attainable and strategic goals that will make your brand thrive long term. We create quality marketing material, we manage projects from beginning to end and assure that each client is satisfied. Premier does not shy away from a challenge. Perhaps your partnership with someone else didn’t work, we will start where they left off.  If you have a thriving brand, we  can also update your look,  style or feel so the world will see your best representation.

Felecia Foster is a college graduate with a Bachelors of Science Business and Management Degree.  She obtained a Human Resources Management certification from Mountain View College, Dallas, TX.  Completion date, December 2015.

Felecia worked 16 years in corporate America in the Banking and Mortgage and Finance industry. She understands what it means to manage a project on a budget. She has specialized in negotiating contracts, product sales, project management i.e. concerts, release parties, and book release events etc.

Mission Statement

The mission of Premier Management is to create a visual identity that will change the way clients present their image to the world.

Our goal is for every client to have the opportunity to achieve his/her full branding, image and marketing potential.

Vision Statement

Premier Management is a Christian organization committed and dedicated to providing  clients with quality image branding results at competitive rates. We are committed to providing services that will help our clients to excel.  We work hard to help inspire our clients create a quality global brand.

To Our Clients we offer:

Professional images that they can use for marketing material

Provided  quality services at affordable prices

We have the highest level of integrity and character

We partner with our clients to see their vision come to life

We manage every project from beginning to completion

We specialize in keep each project on budget and timely

We produce superior results as well as being accountable to helping our clients with maintain measurable goals for success of their brand.


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