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Are you interested in changing or elevating your style?  One of the  first steps you can take to fixing your style is simple. Experiment! Yes, experiment.  How many times have we all seen a fashionable look and thought it’s beautiful but, that’s not for me.  How do you know it’s not you if you haven’t tried it? It caught your attention right? Then try it!   You cannot be afraid to try something new. So go ahead, try that new style! Make sure the look you try on is the actual size you wear. It’s a good idea when you want to purchase a new wardrobe to have your exact body measurements done.  This will help when looking at label sizes. They won’t be so intimidating if you know what works best for your size and shape. Do not be in denial about the actual size. Clothing sizes can vary depending on the designer.  Now listen, I need to caution you,  if you are insecure with your body type, or uncomfortable with the way you look in your current style, it will be hard to update, change, or fix your style. To overcome this make it a practice to look at yourself in the mirror without clothes on a regular basis. You will be surprised at how comfortable you will began to feel about the way you view yourself. Also, be open to trying different styles of clothing from what you have worn in the past. I caution you, when updating or changing your style it can take time so be patient. Don’t be discouraged or frustrated in your journey. Unfortunately, fashion has not always done a good job of showing clothing trends for all body types. This does not mean that you can’t explore a new style.

Here are steps you can follow if you are looking to update or change your style…

  • Do not purchase anything familiar.  How many times do we revert back to something that we often purchase because it looks good on us.  Stop! If you already have that clothing item or something similar in your closet, put it back. Don’t purchase it in a different color either.
  • Wear structured undergarments when you go shopping.  You cannot properly tell if the clothes you have selected will fit properly if you do not have on the proper underwear. Save your sexy bras and thongs for another time. This will help you when sizing the clothing selected, you do not want them to big or to small. Make sure they fit you properly. You can get them altered by a seamstress if needed  in some areas.
  • Limit your audience. We all have that stylish, mother, sister, or friend however, consider limiting the number of people you take shopping with you when trying a new style. The people closes to you know you and they can keep you stuck in your current style.  When trying something new you do not need to hear, “that’s not you!” Remember you are experimenting and trying to find a new style. The best help are the employees that are working in the clothing departments. They don’t know you so they can be very honest if something is too small, or too big or doesn’t look good on you.
  • Research a particular style you want to try It’s a great idea to find 3-4 new looks that you want to try and research them online or in fashion magazines. Lets use the  example  of a pencil skirt. If you have a large bottom , try a brand with stretch  material. If you do not have a large bottom you need to try a more structured material.  Find out what stores carry the clothing you wish to try. Do price comparisons. Do size comparisons. Do they carry your size? Look the style up on Pinterest  or other references to see how its styled by someone else. This practice is helpful  sometimes, seeing it on an actual person that’s not a model will give you a better view of how it can look on you.
  • Consider hiring a stylist to help you.  Some stylist do not have a consultation fee  especially if its  1-2 hours or  they may charge a small consulting fee to go shopping with you.  This takes the pressure off of you to find that perfect look and lets the stylist do all the work. Some  stylist will even come to your home and go through your current wardrobe. So explore getting help if its to overwhelming.

I encourage you that  if you really want a style change to make a commitment to do it. set a target date to launch your new look.  If you cannot afford to change your style, consider editing what you have in your current wardrobe  by adding accessories, shoes, handbags, belts, and scarves, etc. Finally, picture yourself wearing a new style. Client Sandra Jackson pictured above wanted to try something new and she looks amazing! I challenge you to be bold! Experiment with colors that you have never worn.

As an example, in the sample photo I took a colored bottom, lemon colored skirt and paired it with a print shoe,  adding accessories of jewelry and shades.  The shoes are from DSW. The skirt is by GB. This look can be paired with a blue jean or a white buttoned- down shirt. Most women have these core pieces of clothing like a button down white shirt in their closet. Sometimes you can experiment with what you have by styling it differently.  Again,  a new style will take time so be patient. Good luck on changing and upgrading your new style

The Premier Look Team


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