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When branding it is important that your styling is true to your brand persona.  Styling should not overshadow your image or brand.  Simply put, what’s fashionable or popular may not work for you.  Follow the trend but remember you are selling your brand to the world, not the clothes. Some additional things to remember:

  • Clothing, make-up, and hairstyling should compliment you effortlessly. It should elevate your look without creating a false appearance.
  • If the styling overshadows your look it can show inconsistency in your brand.  The imagery you create is what a business is expecting. If you cannot keep up a particular appearance you should not be creating it when branding.

Premier partners with every client to make sure that their styling will achieve their visibility goals.  The photo of jewelry maker Sandra Davis shows creative styling that fits her personality as an eclectic jewelry designer.


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From the Inside Out

                                                       One of our favorite quotes at Premier is, ” Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you” by Dr. Seuss.  Do you know that how you brand yourself can portray what’s  inside?  Take care not to brand yourself as someone that’s not representative of you.   It would be a disservice to portray jovial and funny, when you are really quiet and reserved.  Hopefully, you love what you are gifted and created to do; and your image should show it from the inside out.  Client, Cokiesha Bailey Robinson is a great example of this, and it shows! It was simply a joy to work with.  Love for what she does really shined during her branding shoot!  Premier promises to work with every client to sketch out achievable goals so that your brand and image presentation are a perfect match.

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Ready, Set, Premier!

sandra 3                                                    What are you waiting for?  What excuses do you have for not branding yourself?  Premier wants to help you to set clear and achievable goals. Isn’t it time that you make YOU a priority?  We want to help you create a strategy and a plan for success.  There will never be a prefect time but you do have NOW!  Get ready, set, and PREMIER!  We will help you create and accomplish goals that you can be proud of.  Maybe you have failed in the past, but successful people do not focus on failure. They accept that it is an essential part of the process, and grow from their mistakes. Premier wants act as a mentor or coach to inspire and motivate greatness in your brand! Click Book Premier above for a one time consultation fee.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”  -Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3.

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Dressed to Impress



Your brand is your voice: it can be loud and boisterous, or soft and demure.  Your image will speak volumes before uttering a word.  So what are you wearing?  Today is your day, now is your time, and whether you are growing a business, or deciding to market yourself via social media choose PREMIER Management to dress you for success!

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