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Brand Makeover or Nah?

Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2 interior badge

Does your brand need a makeover?! I’ve listed several key areas that can apply to anyone in business and can answer the question of whether to makeover your brand or nah?  Keep reading, they are simple and can boost your brand visibility immediately.

If you have to explain your logo then you may need to update it. A logo, is simply a visible expression of what your brand represents. Just like you evolve and grow as a person, I believe your brand should grow and evolve as well. This will take faith and require risk on your part. Sometimes people are emotionally attached to their original thoughts and ideas about their business making it harder to change if it’s not working. Be aware that having this mindset can stifle business growth.  Don’t be afraid to get help or take honest advice about your brand, including what it says visually. One of the best practices we have as a company, we will run any ideas by those we know will be honest with us. This is to help us present the best representation of who we are as a company.

You cannot have a very public brand with a private mentality. You can makeover your brand immediately by what you post on social media. You’ve heard it said, “keep your business off social media”. However, if you are trying to grow your brand the worst thing you can do is never post about your business. If you are constantly posting on social media about nothing that has to do with your brand or only mention what you do occasionally you need a makeover. Here’s an idea that works. Set up a private page and push your family and close friends to that page. This way you can keep your private life separate from business. This will also free up room so you can accept some of those followers that’s wanting to connect with you.  Take advantage of free exposure social accounts offer to your business.  Make it a practice to post daily about your business.   You’ve also heard it said that if you’re posting to much “you’re bragging”. My advice is not to allow what others think about your business be your business. It’s insecurity on your part and hating on theirs. The vision or dream you have did not come from them right?, So why are you giving those that can’t make or break you so much energy?! Expect that people will talk about you, then get over it.  Go ahead start bragging on your business. Happy posting!

What does your brand marketing material say about you? Quality speaks volumes. Sometimes there is a reason your post may not get many likes, or your website is not get many visits. I’m not saying you should do it for it just he likes or web stats. However, when in business you should want to get people to like or share what you are promoting. If your branding material is sloppy, to wordy, or poor quality, people will be less inclined to like or share it. If you or someone you’ve chosen to help with marketing material did not major in graphics, then homemade marketing material including photos are a no no. I am only talking about it as it relates to exposing your business. Be honest and immediately stop with less than quality graphics and work with a professional  graphic designer. If you are on a budget let them know. They may work something out with you. Also invest in quality photography that can be used to enhance your brand imagery.

Finally,  niche markets are smaller than you think. One of the saddest issues that we encounter often with independently  owned businesses is that they have poor customer service skills. They rarely answer emails or phone calls. Having to email multiple times for a response can affect your business. Think about your own encounter with poor customer service and put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you like that treatment?  Businesses that rarely return client calls, and never deliver on what they say they can do have bad reputations of poor customer service experience. People will talk about their experience with you good or bad if this is happening. No one is that busy. I repeat, no one in business with the public is that busy. Please answer your phone. What you are saying is I don’t care.  I don’t need you. You are not that important to me or I have arrived,  If you are that busy then your doing very well. Hire an assistant that can help you with your clients. They should be someone who is professional with great communication skills.  Here’s an example, yesterday I attempted to order a dress online for a clients styling shoot coming up in April and it  was sold out. I posted to my Instagram account that it was sold out and #hashtag with the company name. They immediately responded and asked me to go and sign up for their waiting list so that when the item comes in they will email me. I was so happy.  Thank you Eloquii! Moral of the story, people are always watching, so be responsible and correct customer services issues as soon as possible.

Recap tips.

  • Create a recognizable brand by updating  your logo. If it’s busy or you have to explain what it is then re create it. You should consider a tagline if you do not want to change it. Above is a sample of signature logo and tagline.
  • Re-focus your social media page and create a private page for close friends and love ones where you can be private and vent.  It’s easier than asking all your followers to go follow another page.
  • Create quality marketing material.  Quality photography for facebook covers etc.
  • Create a better customer experience by answering  your phone. Add a voicemail or calling service that will remind you to call people back or when you’re available. Hiring someone if affordable is a better practice.
  • Check your messages and emails on your down time. This way you can write them down or call back when you have the time without forgetting. 

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